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New static ip for

Jul 28th 2005

New ip for our be server because the previous ip had some routing problems, it was not reachable to all netblocks for some weird reason, .. anyway the new ip is

IPv6 trail perriod..

Jul 15th 2005

as you know we used to have ipv6 server but apparently that server didn't work proper, now we have a working server but it will be a trail server once we have established that this server is stable more servers will follow. The new ipv6 round robins will be

Website and down time

Apr 4th 2005

My current isp adsl2fit has quit their services to everyone without warning, sorry for the inconvinience this caused during the past week, this might go on during this month, cause now i am between isps, and account setups are still taking place. Tnx for understanding.

New us server linked, with ipv6 support

Feb 17th 2005

We are happy to announce that we have a new server link provided by with ipv6 support. ipv6 round robin

Server hardware updates.

Feb 1st 2005 & this website are undergoing some hardware updates, I am replacing my servers linux router with a d-link hardware router, let's hope that it works as it should.. i will do this update in the upcoming days, so if the server is offline suddenly this would be the reason ;)