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The network Round Robin DNS

First some information for people who have no clue what a Round Robin is, well it's nothing more then a host with multiple ip's if you connect to it resolves an ip X number of times, then moves to the next ip. We have a round robin for ipv4 addresses and one seperate for ipv6 addresses.

Now our network v4 round robin is & our network v6 round robin is

Network Policy & some simple rules

All servers have global rules and local rules, on this website you will find the global rules, the local rules will be found in the servers motd, if there are none, then this means only the global rules apply. This small network is neither for or against file sharing. IRCops & IRC Administrators will take no responsibility for the contents of a channel or network, why, .. we're not a legal agency, having this said you can understand, that not one network administrator or operator can determine, if a file or client is legal or not, on the other hand if a client doesn't obey the rules, or if it is an unwanted client for obvious reasons, for example version reply, then it will be removed from all servers.

Also an other topic is channel takeovers, no oper will interfere with channel take overs, why, .. because there is no way to determine, who owned it first, unless we know.

Additional server information

All servers are linked true ssl links and have an client ssl port on 6994, text based ports are 6667-6669.